Update 4 months out!

Hi everyone, sorry to be MIA! I started a new job in June and have been working 10-12 hour days! I will tell you working a stressful job did not help my weight loss journey! I hit a major plateau for many weeks. It was very discouraging and I went through a lot of frustration and stress. I also started losing my hair at the exact 3 month mark! It is still coming out a month later.

I was still losing weight but very slowly until we went on a 10 day vacation road trip. What a great trip! Unfortunately when I got home (5 hours after getting home!) I was being taken to the ER in an ambulance for what felt like a heart attack. My chest hurt, it felt like the worst heartburn, nothing was relieving the pain but what finally did it was when my arms and legs went numb.

Long story short after a few hours in ER I was diagnosed with Gallstones! I needed my Gallbladder removed! So Home I went in pain with drugs and waited to have surgery. Now almost a month after that horrible night, I have one more incision under my belly button that will have an ugly raised scar.

Even though it was horrible experience, it jump started my weight loss because I was back on plain bland food, most food would make me sick to eat so lots of protein shakes, soup, even a few crackers after surgery to calm my stomach. I am now losing weight averaging agin 3 lbs. a week. I am 4 months out and just 3 lbs. shy of 80 total lbs. lost!

I will have updated pictures coming soon!



Lets talk about heartburn

I have never in the past suffered from heartburn. I was put on Prilosec by my doctor after surgery. I faithful took my medication until it was all gone a little over a months supply. I did not refill my Prilosec because hey I never had heartburn in the past. I stopped using it and with in a week wham every time I ate I had horrible heartburn. I had a free trial of Nexium 24 from Smiley360 that came just in the nick of time! I took that and today is my last day on it. I am a little nervous to see if I still need heartburn meds.

Please let me know your experiences with this subject!

Here is the link for a coupon on Nexium 24 and info on the free trial I get on Smiley360!


First time eating out

So I was really craving some BBQ, but my husband and I worked out in the yard all day so no one was up to cooking that type of meal. So we popped in 2 frozen pizzas and a movie for the kids and headed out on our first dinner date in a long time. I was suggesting Dickie’s but he went to Famous Dave’s instead.

Of course what the first thing they do at a restaurant? Take your drink order. It’s second nature, I didn’t even think about it and ordered a fresh brewed ice tea. The waiter walked away and ding ding ding the light bulb went off! I can’t drink with my meals any more! Too late to call him back and cxl it so my husband drank it partially. What a waste of $2.59! But everything else went smoothly, though I am sure it was not the lowest of calorie meals I have had, pulled pork, brisket and beans, it satisfied that BBQ need!

I have been doing a lot or gardening and backyard work, I feel it all in my lower body, especially my thighs! They feel like they are on fire all the time. Rode my bike around with the kids, we are in a decently hilly area and those hills killed me! I didn’t realize how very out of shape I am!

Weighed in on Sunday and am officially down 40 lbs! 265.7! I always count my highest weight when I do my lbs lost as I view that as my beginning point!


Worst feeling ever

So last night I tried a new food! My husband made me Salmon (this is a big deal as it makes him gag and I love it and he cooks not me!) We everything was going well until near the end of the meal. I am not sure if I didn’t chew well enough or if a small piece got missed in chewing or if I swallowed too much and it was too dry but food got stuck on the way down! It was doubled over grabbing my chest scared as hell! It hurts bad! I didn’t know if I should drink something to help it go down or try to throw up or what? After what felt like forever but was more like 7 minutes and lots of spit swallowing (ew!) I had a tiny movement and a very weird noise come from my throat and oh man it felt so good! Everyone at the table looked at me (it was that loud) and I proclaimed if I could do that again I would be in heaven! Instead I let out a burp and all was right again! But I never want to experience that again!

My interpretation of what I looked like!


Post Op 1 Month ( a little late posting!)


Frog spoon selfie!

Oh so 5/28/15 was my 1 Month post op date! I am finally off purred foods! Thank heavens! I still find the baby food maker helpful in preparing small portions of veggies for my self, so it hasn’t gone away yet.

My friend also gave me a bunch of baby spoon and forks. There was a very cute spoon in the shape of a frog!  I made steamed cauliflower then pureed it with butter, milk, garlic, salt and Mrs. Dash to make a version of mashed potatoes for me as my first real meal was meatloaf! It was so good eating real food again! Ah yummy! Warning, I ate really fast for my first couple of soft food meals because it tasted so good but I paid for this in extreme stomach pain and discomfort, sweating and nausea. Heed my warning! I have also found that a scale to measure my food is very helpful in keeping me to eat the correct portion. I have started to be able to eyeball somethings like yogurt and cottage cheese but stuff I still measure. I am currently eating 2 oz of protein and 2 TBS of veggies or fruit.

I have not had any carbs, trying to keep from licking things that I shouldn’t eat just to taste them. I have tasted some things, like Bacon even though its not a soft food! I am trying to eat a variety of things but it is hard to make something for just me in a certain way and not have too much left over and wasted. I was so excited to eat Rotisserie Chicken, but I took the breast (skinless) and it was dry, I had to get some dip but it did not help. It was my first time eating something and having the feeling like it was stuck in my throat sliding down. Horrible feeling! Never want to feel that again. It discouraged me from eating anymore for the night, weird feeling to be hungry still but have the sickest feeling in your stomach. I just went to bed and slept it of.

I was cleared at my 1 month check up to be able to go in a pool or tub! Yeah! I have not had any issues with my healing of the abdominal wall. I find I can move and lift anything. I am also pleased to see that I have more energy and can do things for longer periods of time. I am not working out and need to start a routine for this because this is going to help my weight-loss, skin tightening and muscle shaping. I have gone on short bike rides and walks and realized how out of shape I am.

Camp fire!

Camp fire!

I survived my first camping trip on my diet, it was very hard but I found that I joined the kids bike rides and activities more. My husband bought me sugar free pudding that I could enjoy when everyone else was enjoying a s’more! He is so thoughtful!

I put updated pictures so go check them out! I never see any changes until I put my pictures together!

Post Op Week 3

Yesterday was my 3 week mark! It also was my last day on the full liquid diet. I got this totally! Weight on Saturday was 278.2. Down 3 more lbs. Can’t wait to take my 1 Month pictures next week! I am so over liquid stage of my diet. Sick and tired of the plain taste and nothingness of what I was drinking. I am getting in 2 to 3 protein shakes around 50 to 70 grams of protein. I have tried this milk called Fairlife. It has 50% more Protein and 50% less sugar. It does have a bit of a different taste but I like it. It is also expensive and doesn’t mix well with dry protein supplements.
I am trying to do more movement throughout the day even did an aerobic walking video. It was really hard because when I exercised in the past I gulped water. Now I can’t do that. A friend suggested chipped ice to suck on and I am going to try that. I also realized how out of shape I am. It was kind of a deflated feeling. 
Today however was an excited day! Pureed foods. I was kinda dreading this stage I mean eating pureed chicken and tuna? But I was so over the full liquid it was awesome to ‘eat’ food! I have to start obeying the no drinking 30 min before and afyer eating so more thunking about what goes in my mouth.
I made pureed egg salad for lunch and then pureed chicken and flavored it individually in little cups. BBQ sauce, taco sauce, buffalo sauce, honey teriyaki,  and chicken salad. Pureed squash and beans too. How did I do all this? My very best friend gave me her baby food maker! What a life saver! It even cooks the food for me if I wanted!


Love this because I can do the small amount I need instead of my ninja needing to be filled up really high to work well. I have almost my whole week of food made. I had already pureed some chili my husband had made in preparation and froze it. I am also going to make pureed tuna salad for a lunch to try. I won’t do any other fish though. 
Ah and I even got some spice in tonight. Added Buffalo sauce to my pureed chicken and it was fine. I was fine! Yes I love anything spicy spicy so this makes me soooo happy!
Yay for Food!

Post Op Week 2

Everything is going very well! Took my Steri-strips off on Sunday night and the incisions look good. I am concerned about the big one and will have them look at it at my next follow up. Just a cosmetic look about it. Exercise is going well, mostly walking. I can sleep any which way in bed now and no longer need my step to get up into bed. Yeah! I did have trouble jumping up into mu husbands trucks, that pulled on my stomach muscles a bit, hurting them.

I have another week of full liquids before I can move onto pureed foods. I have been pureeing food / leftovers for this stage so I have plenty of options. I am very sick of plain food, need some flavor but not much you can do on a liquid diet. I have a little trouble getting in all my fluids. The sipping constantly is not always an easy feat!

I do find myself sticking my fingers in my mouth tasting food as I am preparing it and I can really taste things like salt and sugars in foods.

I am sticking to weigh ins on Saturday mornings. I have noticed my face thinning out and my clothes are much looser. Size 24 almost don’t even fit and I find my size 22 pants are fitting. Hoodies and sweatshirts are no longer tight. It is a great feeling. My husband said I was shorter, my comeback is I must have lost all the fat pads on the bottom of my feet making me short! LOL

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